Thursday, February 7, 2013

Curriculum Barriers Tutorial

When teachers are planning lessons part of their job is to think of the students with deficits in the classroom and modify or adapt their teaching to meet the needs of those students, based on an IEP.  There are many other students in the classroom who do not have IEPs and still require modification. There are students that have difficulties in the class such as distractibility, and strengths that could help them.  

This website provides information, examples and tutorials into the awareness of curriculum barriers in the classroom.  Curriculum Barriers Finder

I chose one material then looked at 4 students that have specific strengths and difficulties and after looking at the barriers realized that I would have to adapt my material.

My example of curriculum barriers:

Materials and MethodsStudent QualitiesPotential Barriers/missed opportunities
Lecture/Verbal Instructions Directions   Matt- above level reader, fine motor deficits Kim- poor hearing, strong math skills Chris- ESL, good organizational skills Tim- distracted easily, good social skills  Matt- may have difficulty holding pencil to take notes Kim- unable to hear all directions/ information provided Chris- may not be able to comprehend the information Tim- only get pieces of information from not being focused on the teacher 

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