Monday, February 4, 2013

Wiki Site

The provided resource is a Wiki Website providing information on the three Principles of UDL, providing examples of how to improve your planning and instruction of each principle.  This is the first online resource that I viewed regarding UDL, it provides a brief overview and introduction into the Universal DEsign for Learning and the principles and guidelines.   The resources that I found most useful on the Wiki site were the construction of E-books and the lesson plan examples provided.  

Since I am currently working in special education I can appreciate and understand the importance of using multiple means of representation.  I have many students that after providing verbal directions they still may not get what is being taught or what the are being asked for.  These same students need verbal directions repeated multiple times but need a picture of each step in the direction along with the words (in simple form) to describe what is being taught or asked of them.  Since not all students learn the same this is an important part of teaching in my opinion.  I have had the opportunity to observe some teachers that do not provide any other directions/information other than verbally, then when students are asked to follow the verbal directions they do not follow through because they missed something, and teachers can become frustrated.  Each teacher needs to be aware of EVERY students learning styles and address them as much as possible.

Wiki Resource

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  1. Elyse, I think it's great that you realize that every child learns differently. While verbal directions may work for one child, they may not work for another; some students need written directions and/or pictures to help them understand the concepts. Instead of getting frustrated when a student who doesn't understand one form of instructions, it's best to provide that student with a way that works with him/her initially, so there is no student or teacher frustration. It's great that you have already realized that!