Monday, April 15, 2013

AT and Math: Additional Activities and Resources

This post review an online math resource that is accessible for students.  The post below connects with Chapter 5, which connects to the previous posts on the focus questions from the chapter.  The textbook used can be found below in the references section.

  •  Title: Arcademic Skill Builders
  •  Publisher: Arcademics
  • Website:
  • Cost: The games found on this website are free.  It is possible for someone to sign up for Arcademics Plus which varies depending on the use.  Some games are able to be downloaded on the iPad and the cost of those is either free or $.99.
  • Notable System Requirements: After downloading games on the iPad I experienced no difficulty.  When I went to play games online using the iPad I was unable to.  I played the games on my computer with no difficulty.  The website does not list system requirements.
  •   Purpose: The purpose of this website is to 
  • Structure: The website is set up as an arcade and there are a variety of categories that focus on a specific math topic(addition, subtraction, fractions, decimals)
  • Special Features: This is a free version, but there is an Arcademics Plus which can be paid for.  Allows to play against others but there is no interaction with other players so it is safe for young children.  There are many other games to play, not just math like spelling, geography, and language arts.
  • Strengths: Aligned with the common core standards.  Games are interactive, fun, there are many games to try.  At the end of the game it lets you know which answers you got wrong and right.  The response is immediate when you get a right or wrong answer.  
  • Weaknesses: When you click on a game to play, you have to wait until all other members of that game are ready to play, so it can take a while sometimes.  
  • Summary: Overall, I enjoyed this website.  If found the games to be fun and interactive and helpful when practicing or learning math.  This is a great website to use in the classroom and will be definitely something I will use in the future.  I have started making a portaportal website and this resource was one that I added and I informed other teachers to use in the classroom.  

4. Professional Portfolio Resources:

Dell, A., Newton, D., & Petroff, J. (2012). Assistive technology in the classroom. (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.

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