Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Final Synthesis Questions and Reflections

As teachers part of our job is to reflect, on ourselves our lessons and our practices.  In each of our classes and professional development we need to reflect on what we have learned, what we still need to find out, and what we would like to learn more about.  Now that it is the end of the semester, I find myself looking back and what I have learned over the past few months about assistive technology.  The amount of resources I have found, accessed and incorporated into my profession is invaluable.  What was of the most value to be what learning about the principles of UDL, and how to alter my thinking what constructing my lesson plans.  Another area that is important to me is, how to include assistive technology into the students IEP and the students life appropriately.  There is still much more out there to learn about assistive technology and I hope to in the future.  Below are some final questions that sum up some information form throughout the semester.

Question 3: The student will be able to identify and implement primary considerations involved in selecting and designing and AAC system. (Pg 238-255)

1     Question 4: Identify low-tech strategies and solutions to enhance communication. (Pg 157)

     Question: Identify the decision making process for the selection of remedial and/or compensatory tools to support students with reading disabilities.  (Pg 86-89)

Dell, A., Newton, D., & Petroff, J. (2012). Assistive technology in the classroom. (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.

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